After a catastrophic event, 14-year-old Benedict Knight must choose between protecting his orphaned friends and fulfilling a father's dying request to save the world -- or die trying.


In the not-too-distant future, Southern California — and maybe the world — lies in ruins. A catastrophic electromagnetic pulse, now known as the Surge, pulled the plug on society and left millions of unprepared people in darkness, panic, and mayhem. But the party is just beginning for the bloodthirsty, Ferrari-driving gangs, virtual reality addicts, and last but not least, the Vagabonds — artificially intelligent robots with a psychotic obsession to be the only survivors of the human race.

In this world of shadow and fire, fourteen-year-old Benedict Knight carries the immense burden of protecting his fellow orphans at his family’s hidden desert retreat. The Knights had prepared for TEOTWAWKI, but with seventeen mouths to feed, supplies are running dangerously low.

As Ben is on the run from killer machines after a daring night mission, he happens upon the mysterious Stranger, who has a startling revelation about the Knight family that could change the course of history. Or so he says.

Torn between defending his friends and fulfilling a father’s dying wish, Ben sets off on a perilous journey in search of the final link in the Vagabond Codes.

J.D. Stone — a lawyer and former English teacher — delivers an original post-apocalyptic epic that is equal parts adventure and drama, science-fiction and realism ripped from today’s headlines.

About the Author

J.D. Stone is a lawyer and author of the “Knight of the Apocalypse” series, which includes “The Vagabond Codes.” Born in Miami, Florida, and raised in Michigan, he now lives in San Diego, California, where, before practicing law, he taught English literature at a private high school.

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